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I recently referred a colleague to your website and I thought I would drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop on strategic planning at the NeighborWorks conference in December. It has fundamentally changed the way I think about this issue. Many thanks for making the time to share this information with agencies like ours.

— Denise Matyka,
Executive Director, Project Home

Leadership and Teamwork Consulting

Today’s “lean” organizations need people at every level — staff, board, volunteers — with strong leadership skills and the ability to work effectively in teams to achieve excellence.

Our Leadership and Teamwork programs and services are based upon a needs assessment and custom-designed for each organization. Through seminars, workshops and executive coaching, we guide an organization’s executive management, boards, or other groups to develop effective leadership and team skills.

Seminars and workshops can be conducted for a single day, for consecutive days, or for multiple days over a period of time. Executive coaching for individuals or teams can be provided in person or by phone.

All programs and services provided are based on these beliefs:

Rob Sheehan directs all programs and services. Associates may also be utilized, especially when group sizes are large, or topic specialists are needed.

What could leadership and/or teamwork seminars and workshops be like?

Our services are based on a needs assessment of the participants and connected to their specific performance goals.  The minimum length of our programs is typically one day, though there are exceptions. There is no maximum length.

Topics covered in programs are also dependent on the needs assessment. But generally, topics may include some of the following: