Strategy with
long-lasting impact

I recently referred a colleague to your website and I thought I would drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop on strategic planning at the NeighborWorks conference in December. It has fundamentally changed the way I think about this issue. Many thanks for making the time to share this information with agencies like ours.

— Denise Matyka,
Executive Director, Project Home

Breakthrough Strategy Consulting

Inspired to create a Breakthrough Strategy with long-lasting impact, local, regional, and national nonprofit organizations have benefited from our consulting services. Rob Sheehan is lead consultant for all Breakthrough Strategy Consulting projects and may utilize trained, experienced associates depending on the specific needs of the client. At the time of retaining us, we’ll ask that your key staff and members of your governance board read Mission Impact: Breakthrough Strategies for Nonprofits which may be obtained by clicking here.

Breakthrough Strategy Design Process

Done well, strategy development can be accomplished in a few months or take up to a year depending your organization’s situation and needs. We guide you through the process that includes:

Following a systematic process developed over time, we help your organization focus on the hard work of Mission Impact. Here is what you can expect:

Clarifying Your Mission Impact

The first item the Strategy Development Group (SDG) addresses is reviewing your organization’s mission and intended impact. Working with the SDG, we:

Creating a Complete Vision for Your Organization

The next step is for the SDG to set a vision for your organization. With your Mission Gap in mind, we aid the SDG to:

Setting Strategic Stretch Goals

Setting stretch goals sharpen your organization’s focus and spur creativity for strategy development. We assist the SDG as it sets:

Organization Assessment

A clear strategic understanding of the organization’s current reality is essential in order to craft breakthrough strategy.

We help guide the SDG through a time-tested process that examines:

All points are reviewed in the context of your organization’s commitment to achieve the Strategic Stretch Goals. This SWOT process helps you understand what it will take to pursue organizational Vision and close the Mission Gap.

Strategy Development

Strategy development is a creative process that results in a statement of the general themes — a Breakthrough Strategy Narrative — that guides your organization’s performance for the coming three to five years.

We use a 'systems thinking' approach to assist the SDG with its development of the Breakthrough Strategy Narrative, ensuring that it explains how your organization will:

This is all done toward the pursuit of the Strategic Stretch Goals, Vision, and closing of the Mission Gap as effectively as possible.

Strategy Implementation

The first implementation step we recommend is aligning all aspects of your organization, its systems, structure, and especially its culture, with the new Breakthrough Strategy.

Strategic Stretch Goals are integrated into your organization’s annual planning process, while the Breakthrough Strategy guides the development of action plans. The organization and external environment are continually monitored for changes—and the organization prepares itself to engage those changes. Implementing and managing the strategy requires comprehensive effort from everyone within the organization.

Organizations believing assistance is needed to design and execute their implementation plans may benefit from external support and coaching. You may also find that your staff, or board, need to develop new skills in order to implement the Breakthrough Strategy.

Our Leadership and Teamwork Consulting services provide continual monitoring and stakeholder development to ensure the success of your Breakthrough Strategy.

Breakthrough Results

Through the consulting process, your organization gains a deep insight to new possibilities, new ways of thinking about your mission, and how it can have greater impact. Conclusion of the process leaves you with: